About Emily

Hi! I’m Emily Miller one of the partners here at Elizabeth Marie. I’ve lived in the Houston area my whole life and I’m a graduate of Texas State University with a fashion and business degree! I’ve spent the last few years helping Kate with her photography business, but have since decided to take on a bigger role in helping to create Elizabeth Marie Rentals! I think my love of styling has played a big role in finding the perfect pieces that people will love for their parties and gatherings. I’m excited to start working with clients to help make every event as special as we can.  


About Kate

Hi I'm Kate; a police wifey, boy mom, dog mom, and lover of wine & coffee (in no particular order).  I have been in the photography industry since 2009 and have been fortunate to capture some of the most precious of moments in family life. Over the past few years I have really worked to develop a full experience for my clients with the goal being not just to take photos but to give an experience that will last a lifetime.  Now I'm so excited to take this a step further and offer some behind the scenes help for clients special events.  I am ecstatic to be starting this new journey and see how BIG we can grow this!